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Cincinnati Appliance Recycling 7 Days a week
   Cincinnati Appliance Recycling
       4169 Round Bottom Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45244


Refrigirators - Freezers - Stoves - Ovens - Microwaves - Washers - Dryers

We recycle your used household items and haul away the risks!
Appliances need to be outside the home or in the garage.
We do not enter the home.
Service is available Monday - Friday evenings and all day Saturdays.

Please Email us with your address to schedule a pick up in your area.

Economical appliance removal anywhere within Cincinnati's I-275 Loop
Additional fees apply to pick-ups outside the I-275 Loop.

Drop Offs are Welcome
Place items beside the little building outside the gate.

Phone: (513) 561-9500
Fax: (513) 561-9555

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Mission Statement:

Cincinnati Appliance Recycling (C.A.R.) is committed to protecting the environment and preserving the earth's valuable resources through the art of responsible recycling.

Cleaner Environment:

We've been in the business of working for a cleaner environment by recycling thousands of major household items for retailers, local governments, waste haulers, property management companies and individuals.

Unwanted Appliances:

Recycling your used appliances is the most responsible and legal way to dispose of your unwanted appliances. All states prohibit dumping and 22 states currently prohibit appliances at landfills and penalties for dumping or releasing CFC’s (coolant from refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, etc.) can be up to $25,000 and jail time.

Service Guaranteed:

We provide guaranteed outside removal of residential and commercial appliances, electronics and other equipment. We assume ownership and liability for your used appliance. Service is usually within 2 business days.

     We offer Economical appliance removal anywhere within the I-275 Loop in the Cincinnati area.
Additional fees apply to pick-ups outside the I-275 Loop.

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